How to Use Your Pool Area For an Outdoor Wedding

How to Use Your Pool Area For an Outdoor Wedding

How to Use Your Pool Area For an Outdoor Wedding

How to Use Your Pool Area For an Outdoor Wedding

If you have decided to have an outdoor wedding you may be lucky and have the use of an area with a pool. If this is the case you can use the pool as the focus of your wedding theme and part of your decorations. Whether your wedding is during the day or in the evening, an outdoor wedding by the pool will be a lovely relaxed affair that your guests will always remember. You may have a pool in your own garden, or choose to use a friend or family members poolside area. You could also see whether hotels would let you use their pool areas for your wedding, although they will, of course, charge you a hire fee. If you are having it beside a backyard pool make sure you clean the water the week before and on the day have someone vacuum up any leaves and clear the debris from the pool filter.


Use the pool as the centerpiece of your wedding and decorate around the pool and even have decorations in the pool. Have bouquets of flowers placed around the edges of the pool, with lower arrangements being more suitable. Pedestal urns look lovely with flowers in them and would be sturdier than glass vases. When you pick your flowers choose colors that will suit the color of the pool as well as tie in with the color theme of your wedding. Oranges and pinks would suit a blue pool, and large leafy foliage would also look good pool side. You can buy floating candles that you can have drifting across the pool, which is particularly effective in the evening, and you could even scatter flower petals, or whole flowers like orchids, in the water.

Light it up

If your wedding extends into the evening the pool will look beautiful lit up and create a lovely relaxed feel to your reception. With the pool light switched on you won’t need large overhead lights on, instead you can make do with more subdued lighting like fairy lights or bamboo garden torches. Have candles positioned around the pool, as well as floating on it, and have candles in colored glass vases on people’s tables or placed on furniture.


A pool side wedding is not necessarily as formal as one held at a reception center or restaurant. You may choose to not serve a main meal and have plates of different dishes circulating among  your guests throughout the evening. Set up furniture in a way to create separate areas for your guests. Have groups of tables and chairs in one area and comfortable outdoor lounges in another area. If you have a bar area set up some stools and have tables scattered about where guests can stand their drinks.

Set the stage

If you have a bigger budget you could even use the pool as part of your wedding. It would take some planning in advance but you could have a bridge constructed over the pool or even have a clear cover over it that guests can walk over. You could even get married standing over the pool and have flowers floating underneath you. Speak to a pool supplies place and a builder and see what they can come up with.

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